About the FEPSA.

What Is The Final Expense Planning Specialist Association (FEPSA)?

Founded in 2015 as the Certified Final Expense Advisors Association.

The FEPSA is the organization that sets standards for Final Expense Planning and grants the certification of FEPS®. The association benefits the public by establishing and enforcing education, examination, and ethics requirements for FEPS® professionals. The FEPSA has the authority to grant permission to actively licensed life insurance agents to use the FEPS® certification mark when they have passed examination and agreed to uphold the FEPSA’s rigorous ethical standards that the certification represents.

Proctored Test Information

Our Commitment

The FEPSA is committed to the continual improvement of the Final Expense Planning profession and to the professional development of its members. Below are three of the pillars of the mark.

  • Ethics

    FEPS® professionals and candidates must abide by the following values: Honesty, Impartiality, Knowledge and Skill.

  • Planning Process

    The FEPSA focuses on addressing and establishing guidelines of the planning required to ensure that final expenses do not present an undue burden on the decedents’ loved ones and to ensure that unplanned additional financial burdens are considered and outlined in the final expense planning phase of the planning engagement.

  • Value

    The FEPSA requires that its members provide the absolute best value in all aspects of the planning process.

The Steps


First - Fill out the membership form & submit it to the FEPSA.

Needed Items

Your National Producer Number and Resident State License Number.



Second - Pay membership dues of $175.00.

Receive Notice

At this point you will be entitled to multiple non-FEPS® benefits.



Third - Receive Welcome Letter.


Instructions & study material. Online exam cost between $25.00 & $33.25.



Fourth - If you wish to become certified you must take the proctored exam.

Proctored Exam

Proctored, 105 questions, 2 hour test time, and a 70% is required.



Fifth - Receive official notice of having passed the exam.

Receive Diploma

Proudly display your professionalism by using the mark of FEPS®!