The primary reason for the existence of the Final Expense Planning Specialist Association (FEPSA) is to establish the professional standards of final expense planning and to confer the designation of Final Expense Planning Specialist (FEPS®).
Passing the certification exam will give you the right to use the post nominal designation of FEPS®. This professional mark will distinguish you from your competition and will be the first step to preparing you to win more cases than you are currently winning now. In fact, we believe you will have the tools to win every case almost every time.
NOTE: You do not have to be a FEPS® to start enjoying all of the other FEPSA benefits listed below.
Click here for the instructions for taking the proctored exam.
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This area of the site is only for dues paying members of the FEPSA who are in good standing. The information below will help members access all of the benefits they wish to use. Any requests for CE vouchers, access to the Rocket Lawyer, or any other inquiry should be submitted via email to:

If you are not a member but wish to start enjoying the benefits of the FEPSA tools and designation, please visit the “Apply” section of this website to begin your membership. Memberships start at $15 per month.

Core Benefit #1: FUNERALWISE – You are already registered for this benefit. You should have received your password and instructions. If you have not. please let us know. The new planning system offers an advisor based approach to funeral planning. The advisor can control the entire process or invite their customers to collaborate with and update their funeral plans so final wishes are handled the way they want them to be handled. This online planner and CRM is included in your FEPSA membership. has taken online funeral planning technology to the next level and has now delivered an advisor based planner built exclusively for members of the Final Expense Planning Specialist Association (FEPSA). This new generation funeral planner makes it easier than ever for members of the FEPSA to collaborate with their customers to create the funeral or memorial service their customers will want at a price they can afford.
Among the features are:
  • Detailed ceremony planning options.
  • The ability to choose a Plan Guardian to take care of your wishes.
  • Real-time cost estimates for your funeral plan selections.
  • A “Time Capsule” feature to store personal information for eulogies, obituaries, or estate planning.
  • A search directory of funeral homes, cremation services, and cemeteries.

Note: Your account is only set up with your basic information. Please visit the site and be sure to fill out your profile entirely, add a photo, and add a complete bio because the bio and photo will appear on your customer’s report and the profile will be searchable on the web.

Core Benefit #2: A Complete Final Expense, Term, Return Of Premium, and Universal Life Quoting System. Over 300 carriers and the ability to print out a PDF of your results. We can customize the companies that will show up on your quoter for you.

Visit your password is the one assigned to your Funeralwise account by us when we registered your basic information.
Core Benefit #3: Rocket Lawyer – a legal service that currently serves over 20,000,000 people worldwide. With this service both you and your client will now have access to FREE legal documents. Additionally, you will receive FREE legal advice, FREE document review, and deep discounts on representation fees. You can now create legal documents for you or your clients to cover all situations including estate planning documents such as Last Will and Testament, Living Will, Living Trusts and/or Power of Attorney. This benefit alone will save you and your clients thousands of dollars.


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Core Benefi #4: Free Continuing Education Credits

When you become a member you will be given vouchers to take the online classes needed to maintain your resident state life insurance license.

Please email a request to for your CE vouchers.

SAGE Tuition Rewards

Add-on Benefit #1: SAGE (Savings And Growth for Education) – developed by educational visionaries. SAGE Tuition Reward Points® represent guaranteed minimum scholarships — discounts on undergraduate tuition starting with the freshman year — provided by member private colleges & universities. Think of SAGE Tuition Reward® points as Higher Education Frequent Flyer Miles. 1 point = $1 of college tuition discount from member colleges. Almost 400 private colleges and universities nationwide participate in the Tuition Rewards® Program. More than 335,000 students are now enrolled in Tuition Rewards®.

In order to participate in the SAGE Tuition Rewards Points program you must be a member of the FEPSA, fill out the agreement below, and pay $40 per month or $480 per year. If you opted for the monthly membership WITH SAGE then this fee is already included in your $55 per month dues.

Click AGREEMENT to get the SAGE Tuition Rewards contract.

Members can request their customized SAGE Tuition Rewards Points calculator. If you are a member and have joined SAGE Tuition Rewards email us at: to request the calculator.

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Need to REQUEST your Rocket Lawyer access or CE credits or more info? Request your CE or ask for access to benefits by sending us an email.

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