Be Part of an Exclusive Group

In order to become a certified FEPS® Advisor, you must pass the 75-minute proctored certification exam with a passing score of 70% or better. The proctored exam is FREE for two ties. If you need additional tries they will be $25 each.


To schedule to take the exam please email a request to

The exam must be completed on a computer or laptop that is equipped with a camera. On the day of the exam, you will receive an email with instructions on how to set up and how to access the proctored exam. When you are ready, follow the instructions provided in the email. We recommend before you begin the test that you clear your desk station. The only items allowed on your desk are your keyboard, mouse, and an object with a reflective surface, like a mirror or CD.

The exam consists of 60 questions. You must achieve a seventy percent (70%) passing score for successful completion. Once completed, you will receive a “Pass” or “Fail”. Upon passing the examination, a diploma will be ordered and mailed to you.

Note: If you do not pass the exam, you can reschedule. You will have to pay the $25 fee to retake the exam after try #2. Therefore, we highly recommend that you allow yourself plenty of time to study before rescheduling the retake.